undercover blondes

Written & Created by:

Laine Lawson Craft & Kaylee Craft

synopsis for 60-minute reality tv show

  Sometimes life does not turn out like you dreamed. Valleys are certain in everyone’s lives. But what is NOT expected is someone to help you climb out of the valley and experience a mountaintop victory just because they care! The Undercover Blondes are a mother and daughter team that search for the down and outers, people who need help but have no one able to help them, to turn their lives around. The Undercover Blondes come in for the rescue and are able to set a path for second chances for stranger’s to find success and happiness.

Every week, the Undercover Blondes will travel the country looking to find people who need assistance. The viewers will be encouraged to assist, by sending leads to the Undercover Blondes through email, Instagram, FB, and Twitter of family members, friends, spouses, kids, peers, children, and work mates in need. The action will begin when the mother/daughter team travels to the destination and starts the undercover operation. They get to know all about the person in need and orchestrate a pathway to success. The Undercover Blondes will ensure that they will soon be on their way to overcoming whatever the challenge or trial.

In the end, the recipient will turn their lives back to a successful path on their journey. Each week a new person in need is introduced, the Undercover Blondes will help inspire and encourage them to see what life could be out of their valley. This overwhelmed person will be blown away that the Mother/Daughter team, the Undercover Blondes, care so much that they stay by their side until the process has begun! Then they stay connected throughout the season until the goal is met. 

The ending of the show leaves everyone excited and hopeful each week. The process of success has been laid out, the long lasting caring relationship has been built, and everyone is just amazed of the generosity of strangers who come in undercover and help make success a reality! Also each week the Undercover Blondes will check back on the progress of the past shows and make sure they get to their goal. Viewers will be inspired and hope will overflow because the viewers see that strangers do care about helping one another. 



Genre and Category:

Verite format and Lifestyle Category

Episode Duration:

One hour in length



Series/Season Duration:

13 shows per quarter

Season Filmed:

Spring/Summer for Fall Start

Episodic Format:

“Stand alone” episodes each one episode is separate and self-contained

Hosted or Unhosted:

Recurring Featured Talent

Shooting Format:

Multi-cam and videotaped

Episode Duration:

60 Minutes


A beautiful mother/daughter team that happens to be Blondes from the south inspire and love complete strangers that are in a low place in life. Each week they travel to a new destination where a complete stranger, that’s just an ordinary good person, faces challenges experiences a whole new life turn around through the transformation of the stranger’s life!